Pushkar Fair 2024

About Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair, which is also called the Pushkar Camel Fair, happens in November in the town of Pushkar. It’s held during Kartik Purnima, which is a special time. This traditional event brings together lots of camels, cows, and horses. It’s a unique and colorful event that lasts for seven days and attracts tourists from all around the world. Besides trading animals, the main attractions at the fair include camel and horse races, cultural performances, exhibitions, magic shows, a competition for the longest mustache, a bridal competition, and more. This fair is also famous for being one of the world’s biggest cattle fairs.

Details About Pushkar Fair

Nearly 50,000 animals come together during this huge camel fair. One of the best things you can do here is go on a Camel Safari or Horse Safari. These are fantastic ways to explore the vast Indian desert during sunrise and sunset. Another popular activity is a hot air balloon ride, which lets you see the beautiful desert city from above. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. During the fair, you can also spend time with the locals and learn about rural India. Over the years, the fair has become well-known in Rajasthan Tourism.

When Does Pushkar Fair Happen?

The Pushkar Fair takes place every year on Kartik Purnima, which is a holy day. It’s the full moon day in the Hindu lunar month of Kartik, which is considered very lucky. People from far away come to take a dip in the holy waters of Pushkar Lake and pray to Lord Brahma. The fair happens in the winter, so the weather is much more comfortable than the scorching summer. Visitors can walk around for a long time without feeling tired. The rolling sand dunes, the lively atmosphere, and the colorful celebrations welcome everyone.

Pushkar Fair 2024 Dates

In 2024, Pushkar Fair will be celebrated from November 9th to November 17th.

Where Does Pushkar Fair Happen?

The Pushkar Camel Festival takes place in the small town of Pushkar, in the state of Rajasthan, on the edge of the Thar Desert.

Religious Significance of Pushkar Fair

This amazing event is also important for religious reasons. During the fair, pilgrims take a holy dip in Pushkar Lake. This is a special time of the year, and it’s believed that taking a bath on the full moon day brings blessings and good fortune, washing away sins.

Celebrating Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair is a vibrant celebration where you can see lots of camels, often called the “Ships of the Desert.” These camels are dressed up in colorful outfits, bathed, and adorned with clothing, jewelry, silver bells, bangles, and other fancy decorations. They look their best and are paraded for everyone to admire. There’s even a Camel Beauty Contest at the festival.

Camel Races and Fun Contests

You can enjoy exciting camel races and other fun contests. There’s one where people try to climb on a camel’s back until the camel starts bouncing to get them off—a bit like a clown car but with a camel! It’s quite a sight.

Shopping for Souvenirs

During the Pushkar Fair, many pilgrims, camel traders, and tourists come together. You can buy all sorts of goodies from local markets and stalls that are set up for a few days. You’ll find brassware, traditional Rajasthani clothing, fabric, and camel saddles to take home as souvenirs. And, ladies, you can pick up some beautiful jewelry for yourselves.

Beautiful Jewelry

Since the fair happens in the small town of Pushkar, you’ll find lovely rural jewelry. Women from Rajasthan love to wear chunky silver jewelry with beautiful designs. If you prefer gold jewelry, you can also find traditional pieces like rakhri, gajra, jod, Bala, gokhru, bajubandh, and timaniyan on display.

Rajasthani Treasures

The Pushkar Mela showcases Rajasthani-style pottery, necklaces made from glass beads sourced from Nagpur, Jodhpuri printed textiles, and other goods from Ajmer. Saddle and leather whip sellers find their customers among cattle traders and farmers.

Entertainment Galore

The fair is a fascinating spectacle filled with colors, smells, and the atmosphere of an old-style Indian festival. You’ll discover musicians, dancers, acrobats, magicians, snake charmers, rides, and food stalls to keep you entertained. The festival’s highlights include temple dancing, folk and classical music, and an arts and crafts market. Don’t miss the mustache competition, where men compete for the best facial hair – it’s a must-see!

Experience the Best

Make the most of your visit to this camel fair with our Pushkar Fair tour packages. You can take a hot air balloon ride and enjoy a breathtaking view of the fair from up in the sky. Some tour companies offer thrilling hot air balloon flights over Pushkar, letting you savor the stunning desert landscape during the early sunrise or any time of the day. There’s even an International Hot Air Balloon Festival during the fair.

Things to Do at the Pushkar Camel Fair

While the Pushkar Mela mainly showcases camels and livestock and is the world’s biggest cattle fair, there are many other events and attractions to make your experience unforgettable

  • Pushkar Glamping Experience : Experience the best of both worlds with these camps. You get to enjoy the fun of camping while surrounded by luxury. For instance, at the Sky Waltz Camp, you can choose between air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned tents for a glamping experience at Pushkar Fair. Another big attraction is the amazing performances by top fusion musicians from all over the world.
  • Hot Air Ballooning Take a ride in a hot air balloon at the Pushkar Fair. Seeing all the hustle and bustle from up in the sky is an experience like no other. Hot air ballooning is one of the top reasons to visit the fair. You can also try out adventurous activities like paramotors, quad biking, and horseback riding.
  • Cattle Fair : A big part of the Pushkar Festival is the cattle fair. People who own animals like camels, horses, cows, goats, and sheep bring them all dressed up in colorful outfits to sell and buy.
  • Handicrafts : You can bring home beautiful handicrafts from the Pushkar Camel Fair. During the event, there are many temporary stalls selling things like saddle straps, saddles, beads, and cowrie strings. There are also a lot of women at the fair who can find traditional silver jewelry, bead necklaces from Nagpur, patchwork garments, printed textiles from Ajmer, and traditional footwear.
Elevated Viewing Area

There’s a special elevated viewing area where you can sit comfortably in a tent and watch all the action. It’s equipped with modern amenities and surrounded by brightly decorated camels and horses with riders in colorful traditional Rajasthani clothing.

Religious Gatherings

In addition to all the camel races, stalls, and food, the Pushkar Fair also has a strong religious connection. Many pilgrims visit Pushkar Lake to mark the importance of this event, while the temple city buzzes with religious activities.

Harmony Half Marathon

The Harmony Half Marathon is one of the best things to do at Pushkar Mela. It starts at Dargah Ajmer Sharif and ends at the Pushkar Stadium Ground.

Places to Stay at the Pushkar Fair

For travelers from other places, it’s a good idea to arrange your accommodation in advance. However, some visitors prefer to book their lodging after they arrive.

Accommodation options include the Limra Swiss Tents, which are easily accessible. They are mostly cottage-style accommodations about 13 km from Pushkar or approximately 150 km if you’re coming from Jaipur. To get to Pushkar from Jaipur, it’s best to hire a car or take a taxi.

Amenities at the Limra Swiss Tents

These tents are comfortable and spacious with big cozy beds for relaxation. They come with tables, bed stands, cupboards, shelves, and other elegant furniture. There’s also a private sitting area where you can relax with your travel companions. You’ll find private “sit-outs,” verandahs, attached bathrooms, and modern amenities.

The tents also offer a travel desk, money exchange, STD/ISD call facilities, complimentary morning coffee/tea, Ayurvedic treatments and massages on request, and more. You can even take guided village tours and enjoy entertainment programs.

Dining at the Tents

These tents also offer excellent dining options. You can choose from a wide range of delicious Indian dishes prepared by skilled chefs.


Don’t miss the Pushkar Camel Fair 2023 for a rich cultural experience. It’s a traditional Indian festival that lets you get a glimpse of rural life and interact with the locals. Before you go, make sure to book your stay at one of the hotels in Pushkar from our collection. Enjoy the natural beauty while staying in Pushkar hotels with modern comforts. For a more authentic experience, stay in tents at Pushkar Fair.

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